Tree Photographs by Kay Ekwall

Kay's Tree Top Tripping

Fall Is in the Air ~ Every sight and every sound!



The enchantress lifts her skirts,
and twirls a dance.

Oranges, golds, sepias and crimsons
spiral out into the sky.

Fluttering pieces of gold.
land in the eves,
cleaving eastward
towards the grounds of forgetfulness.

They glisten with the wetness of dew,
inviting me into a revelry of attention.

She breathes with a sigh,
sometimes a howl chilling my soul,
and then a whisper
as she winds her way though my life.

Mesmerized, I am lost in the changes,
which shift into a frieze of winter.

With a flounce of delight,
the flirting continues
as she dances into the night.


Kay Ekwall





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